FFXIV PDA Lite Version 2.0 iPhone / iPod Touch iOS 3.1.3+ Retina display ready

Enjoy a beautifully-crafted rotating dials clock displaying the in-game time of Eorzea. Consult useful timetables to enhance your gameplay.

How FFXIV PDA Lite Works

FFXIV PDA Lite helps you keep current with the passage of time in Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV Online MMORPG. Our main clock shows not only the in-game time but also the month, day, and moon phase.

FFXIV PDA Pro lets you prepare for future events in-game as well. The app features timetables for ferry departures, moon phases, and quest resets based on Japan midnight. You can also track the replenishment of character guildleve allowance.

We hope you enjoy this free version of our app.

Comments and suggestions are welcome! Click the support link to send us email with feature requests or other in-game events you would like to see tracked.

Customer Comments

★★★★★"Love this app."
USA - by B0bby54 - Version 1.0
"Easy to look at (the main page with the watch is brilliant) and everything is streamlined well. Amazing that it's free."

★★★★★"Awesome app!"
USA - by ApollyonKiN - Version 1.0"
"Great interface, accurate, and smooth. Better than the paid apps for sure."

★★★★★"Istory Server"
USA - by brandonyoungblood - Version 1.0
"Best app for ffxiv yet. It is the only one i have seen that shows the moon phase and how the moon phase positively or negatively affects your crafting ability. A must have for ALL FFXIV players!

★★★★★"Pretty good."
USA - by BlackMyHeart1987 - Version 1.0
"You should add a behest countdown!"

★★★★"Can't wait for the update"
USA - by Kavaskous - Version 1.0
"Beautifully crafted, useful but getting dated, this app's update will likely make it extremely useful to players like myself. I can imagine an airship timer and possibly even maps, (among who knows what else) will makes this a must have, keep up the good work."

★★★★"Fantastic start"
USA - by This Is Not The Hammer - Version 1.0
"A great app, for what it is. I'd be willing to shell out a little cash in the future if it did more. There isn't a single actively developed and well executed app for recipes, item databases / availability, quest lines and the like. Until there is, guess I'll just keep alt-tabbing."

★★★★"Only slightly lacking"
USA - by Davie87 - Version 1.0
"This app is simple and to the point. It's great for the timetables, it could really use a clock that told you the day's and hour's elemental affinity. Other than that it's great! (especially for free!)"

★★★★"Need maps!"
USA - by Ajihido - Version 1.0"
"Maps would totally put this on top of all the paid apps!!!"

  • Rotating dials clock showing in-game time, date and moon phases
  • Enhanced graphics on Retina display devices
  • Ferry timetable
  • Guildleve allowance recharge schedule
  • Japan time timetable to track quests which reset at midnight in Japan
  • Moon phase timetable
  • An option to disable device dimming while in dock

¹ Character search and information features use SE's The Lodestone and may experience outages during maintenance periods and after redesigns of their service.
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