FFXIV PDA Pro Version 1.1.1 iPhone / iPod Touch iOS 3.1.3+ Retina display ready

Enjoy a beautifully-crafted rotating dials clock displaying the in-game time of Eorzea. View and organize game character information. Consult useful timetables to enhance your gameplay.

Please Note:
  • This app is for use with version 1 of the FF14 MMORPG.
  • After November 1, 2012 The Lodestone will no longer update character information.
  • We hope to support A Realm Reborn in a future version in 2013.

How FFXIV PDA Pro Works

FFXIV PDA Pro helps you keep current with the passage of time in Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV Online MMORPG. Our main clock shows the in-game time and the month, day, and moon phase as well. You can move the dials manually and see when the selected in-game time and date will next occur.

FFXIV PDA Pro's Cohorts feature interfaces with SE's web service to provide convenient access to game character information.¹ You can look up character information and group them into lists. Sort your lists to identify characters with the highest skills. Update listed characters periodically to view their recent progress.

FFXIV PDA Pro lets you prepare for future events in-game as well. The app features timetables for airship and ferry departures, moon phases, and quest resets based on Japan midnight. You can also view the replenishment of anima and guildleve allowance.

Comments and suggestions are welcome! Click the support link to send us email with feature requests or other in-game events you would like to see tracked.

Customer Comments

★★★★"Great app!"
USA - by Akendall3 - Version 1.1
"You can see all of your character's stats, and friends' stats, neatly organized. I do wish the achievements could be viewed within the app though."

Pro Features
  • Interactive rotating dials clock
    • See when selected in-game date & time will next occur
  • Cohorts: Create lists of in-game characters ¹
    • Search for characters by name
    • View character information and recent progress since last check
    • Sort each list of characters by specific criteria
    • Follow links to each character's blog and achievements pages
  • Hamlet Defense timetable
  • Anima recharge schedule
  • Airship departures timetable
  • Future Game Days timetable

Other Features
  • Rotating dials clock showing in-game time, date and moon phases
  • Enhanced graphics on Retina display devices
  • Japan time timetable to track quests which reset at midnight in Japan
  • Ferry timetable
  • Guildleve allowance recharge schedule
  • Moon phase timetable
  • An option to disable device dimming while in dock

¹ Character search and information features use SE's The Lodestone and may experience outages during maintenance periods and after redesigns of their service.
Not affiliated with Square Enix or the Final Fantasy XIV MMO. Final Fantasy is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.