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Duodyne launches premium FFXIV PDA Pro app

KATY, Texas --- 2012-05-31 --- Duodyne Studios, LLC announces the release of FFXIV PDA Pro, now available for purchase via the App Store.

The new iPhone app expands the original FFXIV PDA features to include an interactive timepiece, updated event timetables and Cohorts—the ability to view and store character data from the official game web site. The app also includes two customer-requested features: Hamlet Defense and Japanese Midnight timetables.

Duodyne Co-Founder, David Cooley said, "Social interaction and competition are staples of MMOs. Many players enjoy following the progress and accomplishments of in-game friends—and rivals. Using the new Cohorts feature, our customers can gather, sort and view character data from any Final Fantasy® XIV server. We think this feature will be interesting to players, and especially useful for Linkshell Leaders."

Pricing and Availability:
FFXIV PDA Pro (FF14 PDA Pro in Japan) is available on Apple's App Store. Pricing is at the US $0.99 price tier (currently £0.69 in the UK, ¥85 in Japan, 0.79€ in Europe).

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Duodyne Studios, LLC is an independent software company based in Katy, Texas. The company was founded by Chris and David Cooley to combine decades of experience developing end-user software for Mac OS X and iOS, with expertise in digital media and interface design.

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Founded in 2009, Duodyne Studios designs and builds application and entertainment software for Apple's iOS operating system. For additional information, please contact:

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