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Cohorts Feature

The Cohorts Tab

The Cohorts feature lets you view and organize character information provided by The Lodestone, the official game information web site of Final Fantasy XIV.* An Internet connection is required.

Quick Search
Specify all or part of a character’s names and its world, then tap "Search". Tap the blue button to the right of any matching character to view its character profile.

Cohort Groups
Cohort groups are lists you create for characters whose information you view regularly. Characters in Cohorts Groups can be sorted by specific criteria to display a subset of relevant information, and can be updated all at once.

Create a Cohort Group
In Edit mode, tap the "Add a new cohort group" row to create and name your cohort group. You can create multiple groups such as for crafting friends or LS members. Tap "Done" when finished creating groups.

Add Characters to Your Cohort Group
Tap one of your cohort groups to view its list of characters.

A Cohorts Group List

Enter Edit mode. Tap "Add from The Lodestone" to use character search, or "Add known cohorts" to add characters previously added to any cohorts group using The Lodestone search. Tap "Done" when finished editing.

Updating Characters

A Cohorts Group List Update Button

The disclosure triangle button reveals character information status and an "Update" button. Except for characters updated too recently, you can update an entire list all at once.

Viewing Characters Information
Tap a character row to see more options. In the app you can view the character's profile, review progress from recent updates, and view upcoming namedays. There are also links to The Lodestone to view the character's page, Achievements and Blog.

* Note that changes to The Lodestone by SE may interrupt availability of this feature.
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