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Custom Timers

FFXI PDA now lets you edit existing timers and create timers for any purpose.

Create a custom timer
Choose or create a timer group. Enter edit mode. Tap the "Create a custom timer" row.

Create custom timers

When the edit timer screen appears, enter the information as described in the next section.

Edit Timers
Enter Edit mode. Tap the center of a timer row to edit that timer.

Edit timers

The timer edit screen will appear.

Timer edit screen

Description of fields:

Name: Enter a custom name for the timer.

Sound: Choose a sound to play when the timer recast completes.

Show Alert: Display a message when the recast timer completes. The timer name and timer group will be shown. Note: If a timer with a dialog completes while the app is not running, its alert message will display the next time FFXI PDA is started.

Merits: If a job ability timer has merit point adjustments, you can choose its effects here. Selecting an option will change the recast or duration value of the timer.

Recast: Set the recast time of the timer.

Duration: Set the time that the ability is active. Note: FFXI PDA will not show the duration status unless you turn on the Track Duration switch, below.

Track Duration: Turn this on if you want FFXI PDA to count down the duration or active state of a timer.

Info: You can select optional extra information to display for a timer:

  • Timer Ready Date: Display the date and time that the timer will complete.
  • Elapsed Time: Display the time elapsed since the timer was activated. This will count up to the time set in Duration, then stop. You must turn off Track Duration so that this information can display.

Duodyne Support
Have a question about a Duodyne application or need technical support? Please send email to: support@duodyne.com

General Troubleshooting
If experiencing problems with a Duodyne app, please attempt the following procedures before requesting assistance:

1. App Reset
Double-tap the iOS device Home button to show all open apps. Tap-Hold the app icon, then touch the red 'minus' symbol to close the app. Double-Tap the Home button to return to the desktop screen and tap the app icon to relaunch.

2. iOS Device Restart
Turn off your iOS device by holding down the On / Off button and confirm using the slider control. Turn on your iOS device by holding the On / Off button and tap the app icon to relaunch.

If problems persist, please send email with a description of the problem and we will respond as soon as we are able.